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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Case Studies

Case studies provide a real-world view into how the strategies described in this website have been applied in actual data centers. The following examples include brief on-line summaries, accompanied with links to in-depth reports that can be downloaded.

  1. Retrofits lead to significantly increased HVAC effectiveness. Among LBNL's benchmarking sites were these two co-located data centers in Northern California, one of which was the worst and the other the best in the entire database in terms of the proportion of total electricity use devoted to HVAC (54% and 23%, respectively).
  2. An internet data center holds demand constant while increasing computing by 55%. One facility's efforts to improve energy efficiency offset the energy demand from significantly increased, electrically active, computer room area.
  3. Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (FNMOC) at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. At an estimated cost of $506,000, the simple payback period is estimated to be 2.2 years.
  4. Direct-power for web servers. Two pioneering demonstrations — hosted by Sun Microsystems — have been conducted, one where direct current is distributed at the facility level to racks of computers that have been modified to directly accept high voltage direct current (DC) and another where the DC power conversion occurs at the rack level and DC is then directly distributed to servers within the rack.