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An alternative approach to conventional alternating-current (AC) power uses a direct-current (DC) power distribution scheme throughout a data center. Most data center server racks are not currently powered this way, but with the advent of servers on the market that can operate with either AC or DC, it is possible to use the DC powering approach, thus eliminating extra power conversion steps and losses. Other benefits include reduced cooling needs, higher equipment densities, and reduced heat-related failures.

Parties interested in more information about this project should contact William Tschudi.

Demonstration Goal and Objectives

A stakeholder group was formed by industry and the California Energy Commission to investigate:

  1. Whether or not DC powered server(s) and/or server racks can provide the same level of functionality and computing performance when compared to similarly configured and operating servers (and/or server racks) containing AC powered server(s), as measured with industry standard measurement devices and software tools.
  2. Document any efficiency gains from the elimination of multiple conversion steps in the delivery of DC power.
  3. Feasibility for both facility-level as well as rack-level DC conversion and delivery.
  4. Identify issues/best practices and make recommendations for implementation.

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