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The High-Performance Buildings for High-Tech Industries site provides resources to increase the energy efficiency of data centers, laboratories, hospitals, and cleanrooms. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's (LBNL or the Berkeley Lab) work in this area began in the mid-1990s, thus over a decade of knowledge and experience is represented. Over the ensuing years, LBNL's research and outreach activities have included benchmarking energy performance, and the development of technologies, tools, and strategies addressing various opportunities for energy efficiency in this industry. Much has been accomplished, yet further development and utilization of these resources will enable high-tech buildings in both the public and private sector to fully reach their energy savings potential.


High Tech & Industrial Systems Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


The energy consumed by high-tech industries and institutions represents an attractive and often untapped opportunity for energy savings. Characterized by large base-loads operating 24 hours a day with energy intensities much larger than typical commercial buildings, data centers, laboratories, hospitals, and cleanrooms are essential to various industries important to the national economy. The high-technology sector contains among the most energy-intensive types of facilities, and yet many lag behind typical buildings in terms of attention paid to energy efficiency.