Best Practices in Design and Optimization

Best Practices for HVAC air and water systems, power systems, process systems, and other cross-cutting areas have emerged and are documented below.

  • HVAC Air Systems: Low pressure drop, recirculation system type, air change rates, demand controlled filtration, fan efficiency, fan-filter units, exhaust optimization, exhaust systems
  • HVAC Water Systems: Variable speed drive chillers, chilled water controls, cooling tower/condenser water optimization, water-side free cooling, variable speed pumping, dual temperature chilled water loops
  • Power Systems: UPS systems, self generation, distribution
  • Process Systems: VOC abatement, minienvironments, vacuum pump optimization, DI water generation, DI water reduction, process chillers, compressed air systems
  • Cross-cutting and miscellaneous issues: motor efficiency, steam systems, variable speed drives, lighting, maintenance, commissioning, heat recovery, right-sizing