Better Buildings Smart Labs Accelerator

Through the Smart Labs Accelerator, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will work with universities, federal agencies, national laboratories, hospitals, and corporations to advance strategies that rapidly improve energy efficiency in laboratory buildings. Accelerator partners will set a target to improve energy efficiency across their portfolio of laboratory buildings by at least 20% in ten years or less, and select one laboratory to meet a shorter term reduction target through a series of low- and no-cost measures. Partners will work together to develop standardized approaches to overcoming common barriers to energy efficiency in laboratories such as insufficient energy performance measurement methods and resistance to implementing efficient operational procedures. DOE will work with partners to document model approaches to reduce energy consumption that include operational changes, technological upgrades, and strategic energy management approaches.


DOE provides technical expertise and training; creates and facilitates networking and technical peer exchange opportunities to help partners share best practices and innovative solutions; develops technical tools and other resources necessary to meet the goals of the Accelerator; and recognizes partner’s innovative solutions on the DOE Better Buildings website, national conferences, etc.

Please see the Smart Labs Accelerator Fact Sheet and Partnership Agreement for more information.