Hine Design: Variable Speed Drive Control of Recirculation Fans for Class 100 Cleanroom


Hine Design, a subsidiary of Asyst Technologies, operates a robotics manufacturing facility in Sunnyvale, California. In order to reduce energy use in their cleanrooms, Hine Design hired Northern Pacific Mechanical to design and implement new control logic. Two specific controls were retrofitted onto the system serving the class 100 bays to provide the energy saving benefits:

  • Variable speed drives (VSDs) on the FPHs serving the class 100 bays
  • A custom control system that schedules the speed of the VSDs based upon occupancy patterns

Project Benefits Summary:

  • Annual Energy Savings 372 MWh/y
  • Annual Energy Cost Savings $36,000/y
  • Actual Project Cost $55,000
  • Project Payback 1.5 years