“Side by Side” Fume Hood Tests Using ASHRAE 110 and “Human As Mannequin” (HAM) Test Methodology to Compare Performance of a Jamestown Conventional Fume Hood and a LBNL High Performance Hood


Exposure Control Technologies, Inc. was contracted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) to conduct a series of modified ASHRAE 110 tests to compare performance of a conventional 6-ft, Jamestown Isolator fume hood (standard hood) and a 6-ft, high performance, fume hood designed by LBNL. With the assistance of Geoffrey Bell and Doug Sullivan of LBNL, the performance tests were conducted on January 11-13, 2005 in Building 63 on the LBNL campus located in Berkeley, CA. The hoods were installed side by side and exhausted by independent exhaust systems of similar design.